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Angry man on the train

There was a big argument on the train today. Guy sitting down and a man with his two kids came on the train. The guy sitting down had his legs wide open and the father asked him if he can move his legs so his son could sit. The guy went crazy 😜.Telling the other guy in Spanish te rompo la madre. Que lo que. (Meaning I'll break you). The dad starting arguing too. I told the father do not argue. The guy sitting down started with me and said are you a cop 👮‍♂️?. He said mind you business before you get it. I said ok sir np 😉. He kept arguing with the guy. So I told the father don’t argue and move carts. I just spoke to him cause we both went on the express. He said thank you. I told him never argue with someone when your with your kids cause he’s crazy and he may hit your child “. He called me an angel 😇. Martial Arts wins again!

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