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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Washington Heights Club.

Let me start by saying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Washington Heights has a lot of fun new Ideas in store. No Gi, Competion Training, Gi, Judo, Wresteling, and much more. We have a dedicated Club that only wants the best for our students. We love teaching and love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in general. Thats why it comes so natural to us. Our Instructors are Jorge the Owner trains under Vitor Shaolin Riberio, Logan No Gi guy, and William Gi and choke expert.

Come on down to a great place that only loves one thing, and that is to teach this wonderful Art. We are family here, and our squad really loves coming here and always have fun when they are here.

Learn how to defend yourself in real life situations. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has your back in these NYC streets. Help your child learn dicipline, self defense and much more with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Washington Heights Club right there to guide them in every step.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known as the best marial art for street and real life self defense. We all know that 90 percent of fights end up on the ground.

Well hasta pronto my NYC Jiu Jitieros!

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