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Broadway Jiu Jitsu

Today we worked on a series of moves and live spar for about 15 minutes. Saturday BJJ kids club gained some mat time and learned some valuable technique.

Some of the moves we learned today were:

  1. In the beginning of class children did front roll or the shoulder roll by tucking one arm underneath their butt and posting the other hand and falling lightly on their shoulder.

  2. Wall escape where a child grabs the other but the neck and pushes the child towards the wall so child cannot escape. Basically has child pinned to the wall by his neck. Child being pinned goes under one arm and grabs the outer part of the elbow and with the other hand child grabs the back of the finger and lightly bends finger to released the pressure.

  3. Another moved we learned today is called the single leg take down. Two children start face to face and feet to feet and one child creates the distance by extending the arm and touching the forehead. Child than levels (squats and put there knee on the ground and hugs the leg with the same side arm. Single leg takedown works wonderful in self defense because opponent drops to the ground which prevent strikes or kicks from your opponent which can create serious damage.

  4. I rolled with a couple of the children so they can get a fell of live sparring.

Great job parents for bringing your child in today on an early Saturday which I know it's not easy. The struggle is real but there is a lot of Benefits from children learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Every class they will learn dicipline technique, mental toughness and much more. Great job parents! Until next time blog. See you on the mats.

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