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Ignoring the Tap

Today during class, a black belt ignored my tap. It was a scramble between us when I got caught in his bow and arrow. I tapped and he continued to twist.

I was very surprised 😮 because we always talk and team up together. I even asked him if I could practice a couple of moves before class for my up coming stripe test.

You see, not everyone has the same morals, and just because someone is a black belt 🥋 it doesn’t mean that they have respect ✊ for their opponent. This is not the first time a black belt has held his submission after clearly seeing I am tapping.

It is a shame that not everyone respects in our Academy. I am assuming it is an ego thing, and they can’t see themselves being over powered by a purple belt. I have submitted these black belts before In the past. I respect them as black belts and I respect them because I do not know any other way, however my relationship with them cannot remain the same anymore.

In conclusión all I can do is respect my fellow jiujiteiros and respect everyone no matter the belt status. Martial Arts is about learning to defend yourself and also knowing when your opponent has had enough. From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Washington Heights Oss 🤙.

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Commando Maldonado
Commando Maldonado
Jul 24, 2021

I would like to believe that with advancement through the ranks, character is developed along with knowledge and ability, unfortunately we know that that is not always true. Being skilled is not indicative of good character. As is the case in all other areas of our life, it is our responsibility to provide an example of the character we would like to see in others. Martial arts belts can be bought on Amazon, but the maturity that typically comes from constant self development and the desire to help others around us cannot be bought. Respect for the black belt, or any belt for that matter is not so much connected to recognition of the ability of the practitioner as it is connected…

Jorge Valencia
Jorge Valencia
Jul 24, 2021
Replying to

It’s a shame that people with so much time at the Academy and on the mats and haven’t build good character.l yet.

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