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Rowdy Teenagers on the 1 train last night.

Hello ppl👋,

I want to talk about Rowdy teenagers on the train. Teenagers with no respect for anyone. They are yelling the F word at two gay men from across the train.

The couple were clearly upset and one was telling the other to let it go. I gave them some advice and told them to remember that they are just words.

Sometimes people do not know what to do. They are scared and frozen. I see this all the time on the Train. Go to another cart right away. Avoid confrontation at all cost. If they continue to be disrespectful keep going. Don't stop. Do not freeze and do not stay in a situation that can spark 🧨 up violence.

Confronting them will only bring on what they want. And that is violence. You see, some people do not know what violence can do. It's horrible and unfair. People do not realize the consequences violence can bring until it's too late. I hope these kids learn quick and do not step to the wrong person.

Again I stress the fact that no one is going to help you on these trains. You will die and ppl will just gather around looking at you while you take your last breath. That's why it's crucial everyone take some type of martial arts training cause you just never know when you might need it.

Until next time.

Stay safe people.

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