• Jorge Valencia

Sparring Breakdown with Instructor & Student from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Washington Heights NYC.

Roll Break down!

I want to break this roll down to you guys.

In the beginning when my student and I started rolling. The first thing I did was put him in a close guard. The reason for this is to prevent him from moving around a lot. In a real life situation putting someone in a close guard can prevent your opponent from punching, kicking, standing up etc. I held his elbow for an attempt to take his back, but it didn’t work the first time. The second attempt I went for his collar. I than did a hip escape and grabbed the other side of his armpit. My student began to apply a lot of pressure to my chest exposing his back. I successfully took his back and went for the choke.

I would love to hear from you guys. What did you think 🤔 he could have done better? What kind of movements could he have done to prevent the back take?

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