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Washington Heights NYC needs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Oss 🤼‍♂️.

What a great 👍🏻 day today. So many people reached out to me asking me when I was going to reopen my BJJ Academy.

I am truly blessed I tell ya. I can’t wait 😊 to see everyone back on the mats sparring and having a grand old time.

A lot of people love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here in NYC and just really want to join not only a self defense Academy, but also a family.

Well can’t wait until this pandemic is all over and life goes back to normal. I am truly blessed that I came out of this whole thing ok and still on my feet 🦶. I am blessed that I have my academy and my community still strong 💪. See you guys on the mats Oss 🤙.

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