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Why do we do Jiu Jitsu

Hello, Bjj jiujiteiro. Why do we do Jiu Jitsu? Why do we continue to come to class when we are submitted several times? We wake up sore and hurt. We go to work limping and sometimes injured. For those that continue to show up it's because we love it. You must love it to continue because balancing life and jiu jitsu is not easy.

I honestly only miss class when I am injured, not feeling well, vacation, or my kids events. Any other time I am in class. I have a goal and that is to become a better more knowledgeable jiujiteiro. To earn my black belt and continue running my small jitsu club business. I love teaching and spending a lot of time on the mats and competing helps me live my dream and follow my bliss. That is the reason I'm always on the mats.

I believe to continue this journey you have to have a goal. Whatever that goal you must have one. You must be consistent. One strategy I use to stay consistent is to go on the same days. If I am sick or miss a day, I will go another day to get my days in but other than that the days always stay the same.

I also believe you’re up bringing helps a lot. My father always taught me to exercise. Weather it was swimming, playing soccer, riding bike etc. We stayed active. My father was a cyclist in Colombia and my grandfather was a boxer. My mother’s side of the family not so much. They just were not shown the importance of staying fit. They never seen it with their parents.

I had to take time off in my BJJ journey because I had kids and I had to help my wife. I was training once per week. Once my kids turned two I went back to 3 times per week. That's why I agree with the statement everyone's on their own journey. Everyone has their own life, and no one should judge. It's their life. Do what you will with it. All I know is that I love Jiu Jitsu and make sure that every day I am on the mats I am careful not to be injured. I may be submitted, or I may lose but I am there the very next day. I learn every day.

My favorite part of jiu jitsu is the technique. Don't get me wrong I love to spar but my favorite is technique and how to better a move. Practicing those moves one hundred times keeps me happy.

In conclusion we all must find our way in this jiu jitsu journey. We must find our reason for loving jiu jitsu to continue training and not giving up. We must find our own consistencies and what keeps us coming back. I have heard every excuse in the book, and I just listen. I can't relate because we all have our own lives and our own struggles. Until next time blog. See you on the mats!

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