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Why is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so expensive?

I train in midtown Manhattan and most (not all) of my training partners don’t bat an eye when it comes to their monthly memberships. This message isn’t for you. This message is for the ones that sacrifice things to train. Struggling to pay their monthly Bjj Tuition. Bjj gyms work hard and are highly skilled and deserve every penny 🪙 , but for those that want to train but just can’t afford monthly tuition, stripe & belt tests, monthly membership for instructor apps to past stripe & belt tests, Gi, belts, rash guards, No Gi Gear, laundry (cause you must wash Gi 🥋 every use), competitions, family memberships (kids), injuries, doctors 🥼 appointments related to Bjj. You name it guys. List goes on and on. I created a small but great program for people that cannot afford all these luxuries. We are growing little by little and have great plans for the future of Bjj in Washington Heights Oss 🥋.

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