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Broadway Jiu Jitsu

Our kids class consisted of a collar drag, and the first steps of an bar. Collar drag starts with right hand on the lapel, left hand on the sleeve, and right foot on the foot with toes pointing out. Child proceeds to move opponent to the right side ( same side of the lapel) and pull the lapel to the right side and trip opponent with the foot brining the oppponent to the ground. Without letting go, gain the control on the ground. The beginning of the arm-bar starts from the closed guard grabbing the sleeve with the left hand and grabbing the outer part of the elbow with your right hand pick the airm up and placing the arm in the middle of the chest. For more advanced students they may place their left foot on the hip moving to the opposite side moving the body, moving the face and placing leg over the neck. Check out these cool videos for s better idea.

Today our No Gi class consisted of arm-bar & arm-bar defense. Check out the adult videos for a better idea of the technique.

I will be posting videos on our blog page and breaking the moves down for students and aficionados that want to learn these moves.

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